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Our philosophy is deeply rooted in People & Processes to help organizations navigate the complexities of business strategies.

Our Compass

We empower our clients to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship, to challenge the status quo & conformity, and create a culture of individuality. We recognize that true innovation comes from diverse perspectives and experiences, and we are committed to creating an inclusive culture that celebrates the unique strengths and contributions of every individual.

We believe that every idea and solution begins with the power of creation. We create a space where creativity thrives, innovation is celebrated, and new ideas are embraced. Backed up with research and science-based data, we are constantly evolving to stay at the forefront of industry trends and best practices to meet your needs.

Our mission is not possible without meaningful connections built on trust and compassion, which are essential to achieving our shared goals. We create a community of safe space where challenges and aspirations can be openly shared. By fostering strong and lasting relationships, we empower our clients to take risks, embrace their vulnerabilities, and achieve sustainable growth and success.

Joy is at the heart of everything we do. It provides us with a source of inspiration, purpose and fulfillment that transcends beyond the bottom line. We hope to inspire our community to find joy in their own journeys as they traverse the world at large.

Our Story

As young women, we traveled across oceans to start a new life in Canada.  As immigrants, we quickly learned the value of hard work and the importance of creating a meaningful life for ourselves and our communities. Having come from diverse backgrounds, we fostered a sisterhood that bonded over shared experiences and dreams of the future. 


Fast forward 15 years, Beyond was born through our shared passion for purposeful work with a focus on elevating others, collaborating with like-minded individuals and creating a space where the community can continue to evolve and grow together. 


With over twenty years of combined experience, we bring a blended approach that unites our unique expertise in HR strategies with Project and Change management. We believe in a collaborative and fresh perspective that focuses on a wholesome experience, while keeping things simple and practical.


We blend Eastern and Western philosophies, where we see HR function and Processes as a crucial pillar that supports and complements the core business.

Mais Oweis

After retiring from competing internationally as a former competitive swimmer, Mais refocused her drive and moved to Vancouver to pursue her passion in Human Resources. 


Mais is a strategic Human Resources leader with over ten years of experience in talent, culture, and business strategy. She inspires people and companies to create a meaningful work environment by placing the HR function as a pillar to support and complement the core business.


Mais strongly believes in the power of courage, empathy and connection as evidenced by her extensive work in the HR industry. She is dedicated to leveraging both of her careers as an HR professional and a Fitness coach to generate transformative outcomes.


For Mais, genuine and profound fulfillment for both employees and organizations stems from a sense of joy and a deep connection to one's purpose. She is committed to her own ongoing growth and strives to inspire others to stay connected to their own sense of purpose.

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Nahar Khan

Nahar is a firm believer in compassion and connection in fostering meaningful relationships. She is committed to cultivating a culture of collaboration and building community through mindfulness and intentionality, which is evidenced in her decade long experience in Global Management Consulting.  

With over a decade in Change Management, Project Management and culture shifts, Nahar’s deep passion and understanding of people and processes has helped her transform businesses across industries and oceans. 

Her global experience in North America, Asia and Africa allows her to take on a blended approach of Eastern and Western values to work seamlessly with cross-cultural teams. 
With a combination of business strategy and emotional intelligence, Nahar’s leadership philosophy is grounded in values of purpose and passion. 

Nahar is an art enthusiast and nature conservationist. She is a board member of Cosmos Foundation and Wildteam - and is deeply committed to the conservation of wildlife and natural heritage for our future generations.

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